J and K Measuring Services provides services to the following industries:

Automotive - encompassing all types of vehicles
Automotive – encompassing all types of vehicles
Romer Arm
CMM automation

J and K Measurement Services Lab has a Romer Arm and Laser Scanner for all your scanning and reverse engineering needs. We can provide a Polygonal Model as well as the final CAD model.

Our Lab measures:

  • Stamped parts
  • Die cast parts
  • Machined metal parts as well as plastic parts

Our Lab:

  • Certifies Check Fixtures
  • Scans automotive tooling
  • Scans non-automotive tooling

J and K Measuring Services measurement lab completes:

  • Capability Studies and provides detailed Charts and raw data reports
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) on Check Fixtures

J and K Measuring Services inspects parts in a temperature controlled lab to qualify parts for Part approval, (PPAP). Our Lab can prepare PPAP submissions and can support customers with New Model Launches.

J and K Measuring Services CMM programmers work closely with customers to ensure we understand your dimensional measurement needs to ensure a high standard of service.

We are also available for consulting on PPAPs and New Launches.


Our highly trained and experienced professionals provide dimensional measurement for the following:

  • Part layout
  • Prototype parts
  • Functional evaluation of parts
  • Pilot parts
  • PPAP parts
  • Production parts (1st/last off part inspections)
  • Capability study (CpK, Cp, Ppk, Pp, Histograms, X-Bar, etc.)
  • Parts and tooling scanning (digitizing)
  • Reverse engineering